Monday, December 29, 2008

Barack the Magic Negro

To the issues that divide the Republican Party, there comes one more. Some Republicans find humor in the song “Barack the Magic Negro.” Some most definitely do not.

The parody is sung to the tune of “Puff the Magic Dragon” by a character meant to be the Rev. Al Sharpton, the civil rights advocate and sometime political candidate. The character laments that white liberals vote for Mr. Obama while shunning his brand of more confrontational racial politics.

“Barack the Magic Negro,” the character says, “made guilty whites feel good/They’ll vote for him and not for me/Cause he’s not from the ’hood.”

- NY Times (link here)

I see some humor here.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Evil at Stone Mountain

In Stone Mountain, Baby Jesus has no place to lay his head.

That’s because vandals destroyed the manger and seven other scenes the members of Mount Carmel Christian Church built for their drive-through living Nativity.

“It’s a real shock that they would do something like that to the manger scene and the wise man scenes and everything,” he [church intern Carlos Guerra] said.

- Atlanta Journal-Constitution (link here)

Not shocking to me. It is what one would expect from certain kinds of people.

Liberals or Muslims?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stupider than average

Wholly apart from the outrageous inconsistency of deciding that some election night tallies trump the hand recount and some don't, Franken's miraculous acquisition of more than 500 votes from heavily Democratic precincts in post-election "corrections" wasn't believable on its face -- and that's even accounting for the fact that Franken voters tend to be stupider than average and therefore more likely to fill out their ballots incorrectly.

- Ann Coulter (link here)

Another dead center hit on the target.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Moose hunting

(Thanks to Dad for this one.)

Kiss and Make-up!

The rest of the world cannot understand how, after
bitter election campaigns, American politicians can
return to reality. For Instance Sarah Palin has invited
to her great state of Alaska the men who defeated her,
Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

She has provided a moose hunting trip for their
enjoyment and has hired two other prominent men to
assist them. Dick Cheney will instruct them in safe gun
handling and Ted Kennedy will drive them back to their
cabins in the evening after a few drinks.

What a gal!

That Sarah is such a good sport!


Federal prosecutors charged Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) yesterday with engaging in a series of illegal schemes intended to enrich himself, including an attempt to sell the Senate seat recently vacated by President-elect Barack Obama.

- Washington Post (link here)

You can be outraged but you cannot be surprised.

This is typical Illinois Democratic Machine politics.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Larry Craig remains guilty

The right to privacy and to be left alone is "very strong" in a public restroom stall, the state Court of Appeals said Tuesday in rejecting U.S. Sen. Larry Craig's attempt to withdraw his 2007 guilty plea to disorderly conduct

- Star Tribune (link here)

But he will continue to try to lie his way out of it.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Thwarting the will of the people

Franken has already resorted to litigation over rejected absentee ballots and threatened further litigation over the rejection of certain absentee ballots. He has met with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on the subject and won Reid's expression of concern, implicitly raising the threat that the Senate Democratic majority may overturn the result reached in Minnesota if the rejected absentee ballots in issue aren't counted. Al Franken hasn't been funny in a very long time, but that is really unfunny.

- PowerLine (link here)

Nothing new here.

Democrats have a long history of thwarting the will of the people.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

On the analysis of newly discovered votes

Just this week, liberal Ramsey County "discovered" 171 new votes from a single voting machine in a single precinct. An analysis by John Lott shows that these newly "discovered" votes represent yet another statistical improbability that favors Franken: Despite the fact that Maplewood precinct No. 6 gave Franken only 45.4 percent of the original, untampered-with vote, the newly "discovered" votes gave Franken 53.2 percent of the vote.

- Ann Coulter (link here)

Liberals cheat better than anyone.

The end is near

Ali ibn Abi-Talib, the seventh-century figure central to Shiite Islam, is said to have predicted when the world will end, columnist Amir Taheri points out. A "tall black man" commanding "the strongest army on earth" will take power "in the west." He will carry "a clear sign" from the third imam, Hussein. Ali says of the tall black man: "Shiites should have no doubt that he is with us."

Barack Hussein in Arabic means "the blessing of Hussein." In Persian, Obama translates as "He [is] with us." Thus does the name of the presumptive American president-elect, when combined with his physical attributes and geography, suggest that the End of Times is nigh – precisely what Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been predicting.

- Daniel Pipes, (link here)

Flip a coin

Luckily, Minnesota’s electoral law has a provision for ties. After all the counting and recounting, if the vote is statistically tied, the state should invoke the section of the law that requires the victor to be chosen by lot. It’s hard to swallow, but the right way to end the senatorial race between Mr. Coleman and Mr. Franken will be to flip a coin.

- Charles Seife, NY Time Op-Ed (link here)

Interesting idea, but liberals are only going to go for this if Franken loses the recount.

If Franken wins the recount, even if it is only by one vote, then liberals will declare that he won by a mandate.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Mark your calendar

In central Alabama's Perry County, government workers already get a day off for President's Day, Martin Luther King Day, and Veteran's Day. In 2009, they'll get one more: "Barack Obama Day."

The rural county, which overwhelmingly supported Obama in last month's presidential election, has approved the second Monday in November as "The Barack Obama Day." Commissioners passed a measure that would close county offices for the new annual holiday and its roughly 40 workers will get a paid day off.

- AP/azcentral (link here)

Ballots mysteriously appear out of thin air

Franken unexpectedly picked up 37 votes due to a combined machine malfunction and human error on Election Day that left 171 Maplewood ballots safe, secure but uncounted until Tuesday's final day of recounting in Ramsey County. Secretary of State Mark Ritchie's office immediately asked county officials to explain what had happened, and U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman's campaign said it sent its own experts to Ramsey County to review the situation and said it was "skeptical about [the ballots'] sudden appearance."

- Star Tribune (link here)

Stuff like this is why liberals love Minnesota.

Victory in Georgia

Relieved Republicans celebrated a resounding win in Georgia's hard-fought U.S. Senate runoff, a victory that denied Democrats a filibuster-proof majority and cemented the state's reputation as a GOP bastion.

Sen. Saxby Chambliss trounced Democrat Jim Martin Tuesday night, winning his second term by a margin of more than 10 percentage points. The race dashed Democrats' hopes of a 60-seat majority immune to Senate filibusters, which would have given President-elect Barack Obama a stronger hand moving his agenda.

- AP/Las Vegas Review-Journal (link here)

A much-needed win for truth, justice, and The American Way.

Maybe the tide is starting to turn against The Audacity of Deceit.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Cocktail of mediocrity

Consorting with anti-immigrant enforcers, indulging rank opportunism, and adhering to failed policies seem an unlikely recipe for change we can believe in. And yet this very cocktail of mediocrity — stirred by an early endorsement of Barack Obama — has thrust Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano into the heady midst of Washington's inaugural speculation.

- Michael Lacey, Phoenix New Times (link here)

The far left can be entertaining at times.